Covent Gardens Finest: Browhaus & Ministry of Waxing

Tucked away in the fabulous back streets of the ever so popular Covent garden lies a fabulous chamber of Green arches, ‘Browhaus’,  inside this chamber also lies your number one stop to de-frazzling yourself into a smooth frenzy.. ‘Ministry of Waxing’!

Just before the holidays I scurried along to have a few treatments- I love the lay out of the salon, when you walk in it almost looks like a fast food joint with fabulous over head banners to see whats on the menu!

The brow treatments are very specific- I opted for the Thread and Tweeze as this gives the arch of your eyebrows a much better shape! I have to say its the least painful thread and tweeze Ive ever had in my life! The thread they use is brow specific and not just any old thread taken from grandma’s sewing box, as most threaders do! What I love about Browhaus is they take there time.. they don’t rush you out the door like most of these places that charge you £2.50 for your brows. I noticed that my eyebrows didn’t grow back as quickly as they would if I had gone else where! The lady who did my eyebrows was the fab ‘Elle’ I highly recommend her, she new exactly what she was doing and gives good advise about looking after your brows and what shape they should be.

After having my Brows done I headed on down to meet ‘Alison’ who ‘Vejazzled’me, I had a brazilian wax with a small diamante star! I was a little apprehensive about being waxed, Ive had a really bad experience before which left me cut, burnt and bruised, however, ‘Alison’was amazing! Once in the treatment room you are left to dis-robe and place your belongings in a cupboard, you are also given a hygiene wipe to cleanse (which I think is very important) you are also given the most cute squeezy toy to hold whilst having your wax (see pic above), mine was a little monkey :).

Alison used the Cherry Chocolate wax on me which is used for sensitive areas such as the bikini and face. The BEST thing about Ministry of Waxing is their ‘No double dip policy’. They DO NOT re use the spatula, once the wooden spatula has touched the wax and your never region it NEVER touches the wax again!!!! I mean come on, think about it…. its actually quite sickening to think that most places we get or have gotten waxed at use a spatula then dip in back into the wax to get another serving, the spatula may be clean that they’re are using on you but you have NOclue what germs lerk in the wax!!!! Overall my experience at BrowHaus and Ministry of wax was a pleasant one.. I will for sure be going back to both Elle and Alison to have my treatments done.

If you have been affected by my hygiene story about the wax situation and double dipping, I suggest you get your bums down to Covent garden where you know that the wax is germ and STD free!! <— please see this site for Ministry of Waxing too 🙂

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  1. Cherie City January 7, 2011 / 7:20 pm

    browhaus sounds amazing! I’m always on the look out for good threading salons. Some of the department store salons can feel rushed.
    I’ll give it a try soon!

    • priya January 7, 2011 / 7:23 pm

      They really take there time doing your eyebrows! Overall about 20mins! Also waxing is very good! Love the NO double dipping policy!!

  2. sarah June 18, 2011 / 4:44 pm

    I’m afraid to say I recently had a very bad experience at this very salon, when I arrived they cancelled my original appointment because the technician was running late to work and asked me to come back 6 hours later. When I finally did get waxed I found the girl quite brutal, the entire experience was excruciatingly painful and she left me with an uneven, squint landing strip :/ I was so mortified: I will never go back there again

    • BeautyWowza June 18, 2011 / 11:48 pm

      Oh no, really? Its always good to share all stories, thank you 😉

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