Review: Gielly Green Salon – London


There seems to be a rush of salons opening in the thriving metropolis they call ‘London’ but for us the consumer, what is it that we want? I want a salon that oozes luxury from the moment I walk in, a home away from home, chandeliers, posh decors and to feel like I am well and truly being pampered.

The ‘Gielly Green Salon’ is situated in the heart of Marylebone, London. Owners Fred Gielly and Shai Greenberg envisioned a salon that offered the ultimate customer care, bringing back an old fashioned service, a service in my opinion which is very much lacking in MOST London salons.

I was kindly invited to have a cut by the amazing ‘Fred Gielly’ at the ‘Gielly Green salon’. My hair was in a complete mess, it grows at such a fast rate that the layers had all out grown each other. Fred gave me a simple yet amazing tidy up. He took the length up by about 2 inches to ensure all the dead bits were gone for good and re-did my layers to take the weight off the top. I was left with shiny, bouncy locks.

The salon is absolutely breath taking, not too over the top but enough elegance to make you feel like you’re really treating yourself. The staff are very friendly and the stylists are VERY qualified and even though the directors are flown off to do Red Carpet events and have extensive celebrity client lists they are still very much dedicated to their salon clients.


My visit to the salon was more than pleasant. I was welcomed and taken for a tour  before being asked if I wanted a drink.. I opted for a Cappuccino, Lord knows I needed a hot drink! I was then taken to my seat and introduced to my stylist ‘Fred Gielly’ who gave me a quick consultation and whizzed me off for a shampoo and head massage. I have to point out that it was the BEST hair washing experience I have EVER experienced. Fred’s assistant really took her time washing my hair and finished off with a lovely head massage which I was kindly asked if I wanted. Overall.. I was a very pleased blogger!!

Here are some after pics:

If you’re after a great salon with a great atmosphere, customer service and and real urge to satisfy customer needs then ‘Gielly Green’ is the place for you.



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