Review: JorgObé Peel Off Mask

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Whether your skin is seasonal or not, I cannot recommend the JorgObé Peel Off Mask enough.  I have combination skin which is prone to an oily T-Zone and chin area from time to time and this mask works wonders for me.

The mask is black in colour and has almost a plastic like feel to it. It’s easy to see where you are applying it (avoid the eye area).  The only issue I have found with this mask is that it really stubborn to take off. It peels of easy in certain areas for me however other areas are very stubborn and it almost hurts to peel it off. I have resorted to peeling as much as I can off and then wiping down the rest with a warm flannel.

The mask itself does wonders, I can see the difference straight away. My skin looks clean, fresh and pores are minimised. It really does decongest my skin and leaves it looking so fresh.

I have been using this mask for around a month, roughly twice and week and my skin looks absolutely amazing! I definitely recommend it to those with oily skin who are prone to spots and need a decongestant. However, I also recommend it for an overall skin pick me up. It’s great for minimising pores and giving the skin an younger look and feel.

JorgObé Peel Off Mask is priced at £21.00 and is available online.

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