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MISTER LIGHT – The artist of light                                RRP £24.00
Ideal partner: a woman who wants bright eyes and an even, flawless complexion.
Testimony: “Ever since we met, I haven’t regretted a single sleepless night!”

MISTER EYEBROW – The eye designer                        RRP £17.50
Ideal partner: a woman seeking a colourless fixing pencil for naturally smoothed eyebrows.
Testimony: “He enhances my style in an utterly subtle way.”

MISTER MAT – The shine control expert                        RRP £28.00
Ideal partner: a woman who likes her complexion perfectly matified.
Testimony: “Finally, someone I can really count on.”

MISTER RADIANT – The tan complexion specialist                        RRP £28.00
Ideal partner: a woman – or a man! – who dreams of having a sunny complexion that can be tailored to the desired finish.
Testimony: “With him, I am radiant throughout the year!”

MISTER SMOOTH – The partner for smooth complexions                 RRP £28.00
Ideal partner: a woman who craves a smoothed, luminous complexion.
Testimony: “I can ask him anything, he takes care of me like no one else.”

MISTER PERFECT – The touch-up professional                        RRP £21.50
Ideal partner: a woman seeking an instant corrector for the eyes and lips.
Testimony: “Thanks to him, I look perfect no matter what the circumstances!”

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