Cowshed Perfecting Night Serum


I’m familiar with Cowshed for their amazing body products and spa’s however, this is the first piece of serious skincare from Cowshed that I have had the pleasure of using.

This serum/oil is formulated to work whilst you get your beauty sleep. I have been using this for around 2 weeks religiously and I have to say it has fulfilled it obligations entirely.

The serum targets, fine lines, pigmentation and loss of radiance. All of which (apart from the fine lines) I suffer with at seasonal times. My main concerns are always loss of radiance in the winter and pigmentation on my cheeks which are always that slight shade lighter without a tan. The woes of an Asian woman!!


The serum is great, I have seen quite the difference in the luminosity of my skin, the pigmentation isn’t totally gone however it is a lot smoother and there is a noticeable difference. The formula is light, non greasy and soaks well into the skin and has a subtle aroma of Almonds.

Ingredients include: Rosehip, Green Tea, Vitamin C – all working towards healing your skin whilst you sleep.

The serum is priced at £48 and available online and in Cowsheds stores and Spa’s!

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