The Boring but Important bit!! Please be sure to read.

I am no expert, just a chic who loves beauty, makeup, good skin care products and all things fashion. What I review for my own skin may not always suit others. Articles and reviews I write are my own personal experience and opinions. Always seek expert advise if you are not sure about a product and remember what I review and don’t like you may LOVE!!!

I often receive products from brands and their respected PR companies, this does NOT and will NEVER affect my opinion on said products. I strive to give good, clean and honest opinions on the products I review free sample or NOT!

Reviews and articles you see on this site are written by myself (except for guest blog posts). Please respect me by NOT copying and ripping off my work! 🙂

If you are a reader and would like something reviewed or a company that would appreciate extra coverage of future and present launches please contact me at Beautywowza [at] gmail.com.

All logo’s and trademarks are property of their respective owners and in no way should be copied!!

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